Tax Services

Whatever stage you are at your business or personal lifecycle, here at EC our specialist tax advisors can provide a comprehensive range of tax services to sole traders, limited companies – from small and medium businesses to larger corporate groups, high net worth individuals and partnerships amongst others.

We understand that no two business are the same and every case is unique, we take time to get to know you and your business, so that we can tailor solutions appropriate to each situation and requirement, and provide proactive solutions or a taxation strategy that best meets your needs and structure your tax affairs efficiently, while minimising the impact of taxation of your income, gains, or business profits.

Tax Compliance

Timely and accurate filing of tax returns is our priority in order to avoid a late filing interest or surcharge, penalties and the possibility of tax investigation. At EC our tax specialist work closely with our individual and business clients throughout the year, to ensure tax compliancy and accurate record keeping. We make certain that your company’s or your personal taxes are correct and that you are fully tax compliant, so our clients are stress free with no negative impact on their business.

Our experienced staffs like to act as proactively as possible to prepare and file any of the following taxes as they become due:

  • Income Tax return
  • Corporation Tax return
  • VAT return
  • PAYE/PRSI return
  • Capital Gain Tax return
  • Capital Acquisition Tax return
  • Relevant Contract Tax return
  • Local Property Tax return

Tax Advice and Tax Planning:

Regular changes in taxation legislation can significantly impact on all individuals and businesses at all levels. At EC our specialist tax consultants constantly monitor legislation to enable your company to adapt, comply with or gain an advantage, guide you through the current environment of increasingly complex tax legislation.

At EC we have the expertise and the know-how to offer advice and practical planning services on more complex issues to all our clients, ensuring that an effective tax strategy is part of the overall business strategy and financial plan for your business. All our clients benefit from our practical, cost-effective approach.

  • Personal Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • International Tax
  • VAT
  • Corporate Cash Extraction
  • Capital Gains Tax – Advising on exemptions and reliefs
  • Inheritance and Gift tax – advice to ensure a tax efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation
  • Redundancies – all issues relating to collective redundancies and employee retirement packages
  • Employee incentives Schemes

Tax Investigation & Revenue Audit:

Why selected for Tax Investigation & Revenue Audit?

One of the greatest challenges faced by business is Tax Investigation, specifically Revenue Audit. More and more businesses are currently having to deal with Revenue Audits and enquiries. These can either be comprehensive audits or single tax head audits or sometimes straightforward verification checks.

The selection of cases for Revenue audit is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Revenue uses a computerised risk evaluation and profiling system (known as REAP) to help target cases for audit, and has put increased resources into compiling information for this database, and identifying “high-risk” taxpayers for audit
Receiving notification of a Revenue Audit is an unpleasant shock. Business must have a quick, standardised and cost-efficient procedure for Tax Investigation and Revenue Audit.

Ensuring you have the right tax advisors by your side is half the battle.

Our approach:

EC ensures that our Tax Investigation & Revenue Audit services are readily available to you in every stage of the Tax Investigation & Revenue Audit process.

In any event, intervention by the Revenue will require a serious input from the taxpayer’s advisor in particular in considering whether a qualifying disclosure is to be made. This will invariably involve a review of the tax affairs initially for the period under review and indeed may extend to other periods if discrepancies arise.

The preparation of a disclosure is a very important issue and not one to be taken lightly. Professional advice should be obtained prior to engaging with Revenue in relation to any matter which is likely to involve the application of penalties. Often, matters that seem initially to be routine end up with significant cost in terms of penalties, publication and sometimes criminal prosecution.

EC provides advice for taxpayers selected for review, audit or investigation by Revenue, offering a tax analysis and computation service, which really focuses on managing the information flow between our client and Revenue and assisting with negotiating a favourable outcome with Revenue in the circumstances of the case.

Our tax consultants have a wealth of expertise and experiences in settling Revenue Audits to minimise the tax consequences. We focus on providing our clients with swift, systematised and cost-effective solutions to Tax Investigation & Revenue Audit problems.